About AmaraKhit

What is Amara Khit?

Amara means an eternal life whilst
Khit means an era or time – hence
being “Timeless Living”.

Shwe Thiri Khit

Who is it for?

Amara Khit customers happened to confident women who do not need to tone down their sharpness. Our products make people feel different; the label promises color, concept, and looks obviously!

The creative process is always linked with deep styling contribution. While we create lady’s wear, we think about elegant, strong and independent women. Amara Khit designs are meant for the style-conscious women, with a strong character that likes to freely mix things up. Amara Khit fashion to be defined as simply, elegantly and timelessly beautiful.

Meaning of the brand

The literal meaning of Amara is eternal. It is the focus of Amara Khit to ensure our designs are timeless and portray the importance of eternal role of our wearers bear in their families, at their social circles and workplaces.

Khit is a Burmese word of ‘era’, Amara Khit was born in 2014 in the midst of reforms taking places in Myanmar where I believe we can gain the history the glory we were proud of decades and centuries ago. As such we are part of this new ear. Khit also means our designs are well suited the day to day demands of a modern woman.

Khit also represents the artistic background of founder SHWE THIRI KHIT who turned art to fashion.

Women Power In Sourcing and Production

The women of Myanmar have historically been the most emancipated in Asia. With records of queen monarchs in our history and being purse holders of the household, it is prudent to say the women of Myanmar are powerful. But such a quality is not portrayed in majority of design and art. Amara Khit is different and our clothes intend to express this uniqueness.

Amara Khit proudly present the art of timeless living bringing the beauty of Myanmar to the world.

Providing the essence of Art and Timeless Design is at the very heart of Amara Khit, it is what we are all about. The personal touches are easily noticeable on different pieces of Amara Khit presenting the uniqueness of each. We offer lady’s wear, handbags, clutches, accessories, and home textile & furniture with a touch of traditional artisans to bring the feel of greater vibrancy and life to you.

It’s true, our enthusiasm, usually is directly proportionate to the affinity we have for the subject we are working on. And in this case, we love our product designs. We love what we can do it, how we can work it to completely change the look of a living style and space.

We are an innovative company, yet always go beyond the design process and delve into the supply chain. We know where the fabrics and rattans are woven, occasionally by whom, as all are artisans across country.

We are mindful to increase the employment opportunities for women and feel satisfied when increased income result in higher living standards of their families. Our fabrics, hand-spun yarns, rattans and garments are all locally produced and garment which again led to creating jobs in areas where they are needed the most. Amara Khit put investment into skill development of designers and garment makers by bringing in experienced designers and experts who understand the needs of a modern consumer.

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