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Shwe Thiri Khit

Artist, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Coach

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Transformative Journey

Artist Life

Shwe Thiri Khit is a born artist, drawing, sketching, crafting on any available surfaces and materials got her into occasion trouble ever since she could hold a pen. After high school, she dedicated all her energy into traditional art, where she was creating many works with various mediums. At college, she expended her activities into applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and tools in Multimedia Production, SAE. Having studied Philosophy and Applied Psychology at the University of Yangon has been helpful in creating thought provoking art pieces.

With specialization skills in digital art and mixed media, Shwe Khit works on with oil paintings and create dolls. You will see the female characters also make her artworks unique with different concept themes. Images of ShweKhit herself could also be found in her artworks.

Entrepreneur Life

Shwe Khit was a self-taught artist with a passion for travel, art and fashion business. While traveling and promoting her artworks, she fell in love with different fabrics across the nation, making her visualized their potential to be turned into something Myanmar could be proud of.

What Shwe Discovered
When she was traveling to small towns and villages across Myanmar, she saw that traditional weaving had begun to disappear. Young people were not putting their attention to traditional things, only the elders. Everybody using weaving machines for the Longyi mass market and making ordinary designs.

Challenges of Natural Dyes
She studied the traditional textile weaving and natural dyeing at Saunders Weaving Institution in Amarapura, Myanmar, and her desire to revive the practices of traditional Myanmar textiles prompted her to start working with the weavers in rural areas. She also encourages weavers to use dyes from local plants and flowers. The work of natural dyeing has not been without challenges. There are many issues, wood problems, boiling time, getting supplies they need. It is much more expensive and labour-intensive to use natural dyes.

Get Started and Experiment
She believes in the inherent feminine power of individual women. She founded Amara Khit in 2014 to amplify the beauty of people and places where she gets the opportunities to touch the products.

Keep Expending The Product Lines
Shwe Khit designs and experiments the textile to innovate on wide product lines home textile and furnitures. Then she expended her knowledge to ready-to-wear women clothing, handbags, accessories and put her all creative energies on fashion.

Studied Abroad
She went on studied Creative Pattern Cutting and Fashion Marketing courses in London College of Fashion, University of Arts London, UK.

When Art Meets Fashion
ShweKhit is an artist/illustrator working on fashion business. Most of her subjects of interest were female figurines. She applied the skills she learned as an artist to the work she conceives as a fashion designer. She has exhibited widely at home and abroad with a feeling to integrate art into everyday fashion.

Teacher Life

Shwe Khit runs online courses since 2010 since She likes to share her knowledge and experience converted into online courses such as unlocking creativity and guiding how to start and grow business for creatives who want to transform their passion to profit.

  • 2020 – Sketch Your Mind online Art Course
  • 2020 – “Kick-start Your Creative Business”
  • 2020 – “The Colourful World”
  • 2019 – “Sketch Your Mind, Sketch Your Line”
  • 2019 – Teacher at the MIBA University, Yangon. Diploma in Fashion
    – in the following subject areas:
    1. Developing Design Ideas
    2. Understand how to work for a client to create a product
    3. Create a Website using web design application templates
    4. Producing promotional publications
  • 2018 – “Women Empowerment and Career Development”
  • 2014 – Creative Design in Textile and Weaving, Provided design concept training
  • 2012 – Pretty Portraits online digital art course
  • 2012- Tragimixed online art workshop
  • 2011- Sweetened Simplicity online art workshop

“When Art Meets Fashion”

I see art as a way to express myself. I believe fashion connected to art and through Amara Khit, it is satisfying to see the connection between art and fashion explicit.

Amara Khit pieces are designs inspired by the artwork of mind. I am a medium conscious artist, manipulating the different mediums to control the expression of my art. This is reflected in Amara Khit where I focus heavily on the fabrics as my medium of design.

I focus on the emotions and confidence of the wearers and their needs of expression. There will always be artistic philosophy each behind where the aesthetics will consistently remain high across our portfolio.


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